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Dr. Robert Doleva

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“The new innovations in orthodontics over the last decade have made orthodontics much more fun. We are able to provide results far superior and, in most patients, avoid the extraction of permanent teeth. This not only makes patients and parents happy, it also saves them the trauma and expense of the extraction procedure.

Because of this new technology, profiles and smiles are better than ever before. Results are often dramatic and I find my work most satisfying. It is very rewarding to look at pre-treatment and post-treatment photographs and realize that you have been part of a change that, for many patients, will transform their lives. That is why I love being an orthodontist.” — Dr. Doleva

Dr. Bob Doleva has been with ROG Orthodontics since 1979. Those of us who know him cannot believe that when Dr. Otto Rosenast and Dr. Vincent Parisi interviewed Dr. Doleva in 1979, their primary concern was that he was too quiet! How could they have been so wrong?

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