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Q: Is your office closed?
A: Yes, our physical office is closed to the general public, but we are closely monitoring texts. Please text us at 610.374.4097.


Q: How do I reach you?
A: You can text us at 610.374.4097. You can also send us a photo of any orthodontic problem you are experiencing using the same number. Dr. Nat posted on Facebook how to best take a photo of your teeth using soup spoons.


Q: How long will the office be closed?
A: We are currently following the guidelines recommended to us by state and federal authorities. At this time, we are scheduled to re-open sometime in April and will re-evaluate as the situation evolves.


Q: What if I have a true emergency?
A: You will need to contact Berks Oral Surgery 610.374.4093 or Pottstown Oral Surgery.


Q: I have an appointment scheduled. How do I know if it’s still on the books or if it has been cancelled?
A: We have and will continue to reach out to all patients whose appointments need to be cancelled. It is not necessary to contact us to check on the status of your next appointment. We will be in touch. Please check your phone for texts from our number.


Q: What if I want to reschedule my appointment?
A: Most appointments are not being rescheduled at this time.


Q: I/my child has braces and the appointment has been rescheduled. What will happen with my treatment until my next appointment?
A: The great thing about braces is the nature of the super elastic wires continue to work even without any adjustment. When life and our schedule returns to normal, we will do more adjustments at your next appointment to keep your treatment on schedule.


Q: I’m wearing aligners and am running out or on my last aligner. What do I do?
A: Whenever possible, we are having patients wear the current set of aligners for a few more weeks to bridge the time until the next visit. As with braces, we will be able to make some adjustments to keep you on schedule.


Q: I lost or broke my retainer. What do I do?
A: As you probably remember when you were in braces, teeth move pretty slowly. Even without a retainer for a few weeks, most people’s teeth don’t move or move minimally. It’s not going to be a problem to make you a new retainer or clean up any minor issues.


Q: What about my child’s follow up appointment to see how teeth were growing and developing?
A: We will miss seeing you and your child, but generally speaking tooth development is also a slow process. I frequently mention to parents at these follow up visits that when their child is ready for treatment, the best time to start is within 3-6 months vs. “we gotta do this right now”. So, your child should be just fine to grow a little more before the next visit.

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