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Our Fantastic


Every member of the ROG Orthodontics team has a thirst for knowledge, a passion for excellence, and the mentality that all patients need to be treated with kindness and respect.

We are outgoing, kind people who are fully committed to our goal of providing the highest quality of orthodontics possible. Many of our team members have been with ROG for more than 20 years and remain passionate about our work.

The ROG Difference

For over 60 years, the doctors and team at ROG have committed to changing lives in our community ONE FANTASTIC SMILE AT A TIME.

There are children who hold back their smiles for fear of being judged. Others may not smile because of health problems due to orthodontic issues. ROG provides life changing FREE braces to deserving, underserved children through our Project Fantastic Smiles program.

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Many members of our team have entrusted ROG with their own and their family members’ care. We have also had the pleasure and privilege of providing orthodontic services for dentists, their families, and staff members. We have treated family or staff of 80% of Berks County’s dentists. Wouldn’t you want yourself or your child to be treated where dentists send their families?

Our doctors have the highest ethical standards and want every one of our patients to have an outstanding result. That means a fantastic smile, straight teeth, and the best possible facial aesthetics and profile.


Patient Experience

We have special events throughout the year that involve patients and parents, including holiday and spirit days, support for community events, prizes for excellent oral hygiene, and even a contest to win free braces! All special events are designed to help patients feel comfortable at their appointments and in our office.

At every appointment, one of our doctors evaluates the patient and prescribes treatment for the day. We try to have the same assistant care for each patient as he or she progresses through treatment to help build a comfortable, reassuring, and trusting relationship and to ensure continuity of care.

We provide new-patient tours and translation for our Spanish-speaking patients. Coffee and freshly baked cookies are always available.

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