Ask ROG: What are incognito braces? With Dr. Denny

Posted on November 8, 2021

What Are Incognito Braces?

gold bracesDr. Mauro has a passion for aesthetic orthodontic treatment and has lectured to doctors across the country on the subject.

Incognito braces are braces that are hidden behind the teeth. ROG Orthodontics is the only Circle of Excellence Provider of Incognito Braces in the state of Pennsylvania. Which means we do more than anyone else. We can deliver you a fantastic smile utilizing braces that no-one can see and because incognito is fully customized to your teeth and your case, we can deliver you that fantastic smile in the same amount of time or less than regular braces.

Advanced computer software produces custom brackets and a series of wires to correct your bite more efficiently than traditional lingual (braces that are put on the inside of the teeth) options. These braces perform the same overall function as traditional braces, by applying slow, constant pressure over time, which causes the teeth to move into their desired position—only they can’t be seen. They are more effective than plastic aligners. These braces can correct complex problems such as rotations, bite discrepancies, as well as crowding and/or spacing.

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